Video Chat With Case Management?

01/18/2022 By Todd Mueller

You can have your cake and eat it too.  Such a great phrase, especially if you like cake, and frankly, who doesn’t like a big ‘ole slice of chocolate cake? So what the heck does this have to do with UnaCasePro and case management? Well, imagine being able to offer video chat for your clients directly from UnaCasePro with a few simple clicks? 

UnaCasePro has partnered with to offer an incredibly easy way for clients and case managers to video chat when a face-to-face meeting is not possible. The power of video chat really becomes evident when you can’t be in two different geographic areas within a short period of time. Imagine trying to drive across town during rush hour traffic to make a home visit you know you'll be incredibly late for. Major stress for you, the case manager, and for the client. Another scenario that video chat can be beneficial would be for safety reasons. In situations like this, video chat can help all parties involved.

I was first introduced to as this was the platform used for my son’s doctor visit. I saw firsthand how easy it was to get online for his appointment. No app to download as it's all web-based. Once he clicked on the link provided, he waited in a virtual waiting room and when the doctor was ready, he was granted access to the chat. Simple.

I really liked how easy it was to use and thought case managers with UnaCasePro could use this platform for their video chat needs. After my son’s doctor appointment, I reached out to to start the process for integration into UnaCasePro. I am happy to report that UnaCasePro now supports for all its video chat needs. Learn more about