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Case Management Done Right

It's time for you to be more productive and work less.

UnaCasePro is 100% Audit Compliant

We have a solid track record of working with public health, human, and social services agencies to ensure their case management programs are fully audit compliant. We built our audit experience into UnaCasePro, so you can have peace of mind. Audit requests for information are easily accessed and always compliant. In this way, you can be sure your billing is accurate and will result in you keeping your money by avoiding costly audit chargebacks.

UnaCasePro strictly follows program audit guidelines and prompts users through the appropriate case management cycle based on the specific program:

  • Identified needs automatically carry through to care plan goals and referrals
  • Care plan follow-ups relate to goals and referrals
  • Automatic reminders ensure follow-ups and periodic care plan reviews are timely
  • Outcome measures relate directly to individual care plans
  • Avoid duplication and inaccurate billing; built-in encounter audit feature to ensure billing info is accurate and complete

Calendar - Appointments, Events and Reminders.

UnaCasePro - Calendar on a mobile device

You're organized and thorough in your job. Shouldn't your calendar be able to keep up with you? Now it can. Quickly set and view appointments in a snap.


Imagine the ability to send an event to everyone's calendar in your organization for an upcoming training or important event you want everyone to attend. Now you can.


Your day is action-packed and filled with serving your clients. Go ahead and set a reminder with a follow-up email notification about that paperwork you need to complete.

UnaCasePro - Client Portal

Client Portal

UnaCasePro offers a secure, web based client portal available to all organizations interested in communicating with their clients. The UnaCasePro Health portal offers the following functionality:

  • Secure messaging
  • Appointment management
  • Viewing of vitals and medications
  • And more...

UnaCasePro - Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

The ability to meet with your clients virtually is possible with our Zoom and integration built into UnaCasePro. Do you have to meet with clients on opposite ends of the town during rush hour traffic? Are you concerned about your safety? Not a problem anymore.

With a few taps, you can create an on-demand meeting or schedule a meeting in advance and set reminders that get sent to your clients via email or SMS. Being more productive and helpful to your clients has never felt better, no matter the circumstances. Zoom
UnaCasePro API

API - EMR Integration and Other Possibilities

Utilizing OAuth 2.0 best practices, UnaCasePro offers a highly secure JSON/HL7 based API that can be integrated into EMRs such as Cerner, Allscripts or EPIC. This out of the box capability allows providers to get up to date information on their patients from UnaCasePro automatically without the tedious, time intensive manual follow-ups.

With UnaCasePro's secure API, the possibilities for health system integrations are limited only by your imagination.

UnaCasePro - Reporting


UnaCasePro offers numerous pre-built reports across many different areas such as referrals, clients, targeted case management, time, tuberculosis, dynamic forms, and more. If the pre-defined reports don't cover what you are looking for, use the powerful, custom reporting tool to build exactly what you need. With powerful reporting options, know that you can quickly get the insight you need in providing the absolute best care for your clients.

  • Capture and report on outcome measures and their results.
  • Verify encounters with our powerful and easy to use Upload Encounter Report.
  • Report on all aspects of Targeted Case Management (TCM).
  • View case manager workloads with the ability to easily adjust based on availability.
  • Create and save custom reports with our custom report editor to get the exact data you need.

UnaCasePro - Dynamic Form Builder

Dynamic Form Builder

Throw away those old, cumbersome paper forms and create electronic forms with our intuitive form builder. Need a client release form that a client can sign during a visit? UnaCasePro can do that. Want to build and report on the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). UnaCasePro can do that as well. If you can create a paper based form, UnaCasePro can be used to make it electronic and report on the data captured.

UnaCasePro - Time Survey

Time Survey Features

Our time survey features allows users to track their time based on activity codes and programs such as FFP for MCAH, CCS, CHDP, and AFLP, to name a few. We built in an entire workflow around logging, submitting, notifying, approving and/or rejecting staff’s time in a easy and intuitive interface.

Report on logged time for a given activity code or program with a standard or custom report. The reporting options are flexible for your time reporting data needs.

UnaCasePro - Vitals and Medications

Vitals and Medications

UnaCasePro offers the ability to capture client vitals and medications during a client contact. Vitals and medications logging is important to track for the well-being of your clients and UnaCasePro makes it easy to track out in the field on your mobile device, or back in the office.

With custom reporting, you can create a report to watch for trends in vitals/medications for a certain population or an individual.

UnaCasePro - ICD-10 & CPT Codes

ICD-10 & CPT Codes

Can you bill for client visits in UnaCasePro? Yes, you can. Record ICD-10 and CPT codes for a client contact and then create a ticket, or superbill based on the CPT codes. With custom reports and our API, management can monitor and track billings month over month to ensure organizations are getting reimbursed properly. Having this information readily available is vital in keeping budgets in order and staffing set at optimal levels.

Are you part of a small organization and not staffed with a medical billing specialist? With our API, integrations into a billing clearinghouse are possible. By integrating into a clearinghouse, let the billing experts review and optimize revenue critical to your organization.

UnaCasePro - Tuberculosis Tracking

Tuberculosis Tracking

Track essential metrics such as demographic information, class type, symptoms, TST read results, FU test read results, LTBI, potential AFB, contacts, DOT (video uploads) and much, much more in our tuberculosis module. The days of having a separate, cumbersome, and very costly tuberculosis system in place are now over. The ability to manage tuberculosis clients is now at your fingertips with our easy to use and powerful case management system.

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