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Our thoughts on all things electronic case management.

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Decoding the DNA of Case Management Software for Public Health

07/07/2023 By Wilson

In an age where digital technology rules supreme, public health organizations aren't lagging. One critical technology impacting the public health sector is case management software. Imagine a streamlined, centralized system making public health services more effective and efficient. We're talking about a health-tech revolution that takes the hassle out of health case management. A tool that's the secret weapon of public health officials worldwide - the Case Management Software for Public Health.

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Improving Service Delivery with Electronic Case Management 

04/14/2020 By Nancy Leidelmeijer

Nowhere is the case for electronic case management to be better made than in health and human services. Even in a thriving economy, disadvantaged populations exist and are the most in need. As the economy shrinks in times of crises and unemployment increases, the need for health and human case management services increases. So does the need to document client information and circumstances to ensure clients’ needs are met.